Sailing on a Disney Norwegian Cruise- Days 6 and 7

It's my final post on our Disney Norwegian Cruise!!

If you missed the first few days, here's your place to catch up-

Day 6- Bergen

After our unexpected day at Sea, we had one more stop in Bergen, Norway before heading back to Copenhagen. I was really excited about this stop as we had fun plans to take the funicular up to the top of Mt Floyen. Unfortunately, the weather decided to not cooperate with us! It was pouring rain almost the entire day. We pushed through and kept our plans though!

Beautiful Bergen

We ran through town on our way to funicular station since it was raining- we did not bring an umbrella and had only our rain jackets. Whoops! We quickly discovered that 2 out of our 4 jackets were not exactly water proof!!

We visited the Troll Playgrounds at the top of the mountain. 

I feel like I always say this, but this playground was incredible. It was huge and kept getting better and better as we explored!

I started chatting with another American at the playground and quickly discovered that she was part of the cast of two different shows on the ship! She played the Stepmother in Cinderella and Mother Gothel in Tangled. She was incredible in both roles and it was so fun to meet her!

Do you see our cruise ship down below? Its on the right hand side.

Poor Rowe fell down and scraped up his hands, and we were all soaking wet so we decided to take the funicular back down instead of walking as we had planned. We were freezing cold so no one complained about the change in plans. After some warm showers on the ship, we were ready for ice cream!

That night we were supposed to have the Freezing the Night Away Party on the ship but it was rained out too. :( So they had a dance party with all the Disney Characters instead!

My favorite desert of the whole trip- Olaf's Snow Cream!

Normer was finally getting into the Disney spirit by Day 6.....

Day 7- At Sea

On our final day at Sea, we enjoyed our favorite spots on the ship, watched the Freezing the Night Away Party on the deck, went for one final swim and of course saw our favorite characters!

The boys visited the Kids Club for the last time. There are two huge rooms the kids can play in and they are connected by a hallway that has these large windows in it. Badge had a hard time going into the Kids Club- he was totally fine once he got in and started playing. So I would always tell him to meet me at this hallway and we could wave at each other. It was fun although he looks so sad. :(

Buh- bye kids!!

We love finding Daisy Duck on the ship- she is too sweet!

This was a DREAM vacation for us and were so sad to leave the ship the next day. Badge has asked me a million times when we can cruise again- I'm ready to go back again too Badge! :) We had so much fun together as a family and got to see some amazing sights!

Until we meet again Mickey.......

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