Sailing on a Disney Norwegian Cruise- Day 4

We just arrived back from our amazing trip to Norway onboard the Disney Magic Cruise Ship. My kids have only asked 1000 times this week if we can get back on the ship right now!

If you missed the first few days, click here!

On Day 4, we woke up in Alesund, Norway! I loved the excitement each morning of getting out of our inside stateroom to see what was waiting for us in port!

The small pool here is actually a staff only area- they have a pretty prime spot for viewing the world!

After breakfast we jumped off ship and went to explore. As usual, our agenda included finding a playground for these two!

The weather was spectacular in Alesund- a little warm so we shed our layers pretty quickly!

Such a quaint town!

We finally found a playground in the Town Park! The boys happily played for awhile and then we decided to head back to the ship to eat lunch.

Spotted these gorgeous tulips on the walk back- Someone was ready for their afternoon nap!

 After lunch and a nap- the boys visited the Kids Club and Normer and I played some Jenga. I kept waiting for a large wave to come and knock it over during his turn. Of course I knocked it fell on my turn!

We dined in Lumiere's and our amazing waiter had a few magic tricks for the boys. He made them these little bunnies that would hop each time they tried to pet it. Rowe is obsessed with anything resembling a stuffed animal and begged for a bunny every night at dinner!

After dinner, we visited Deck 10 to check out the view as the ship was sailing through the Fjords. This picture was taken at 10pm! The days were very long and the sun never fully set at night.

Stay tuned for Day 5 when we had a disappointing surprise but it all worked out in the end!

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  1. Thanks Stacee! I would love to bring my family too on a cruise. For now maybe, we can save for it first because I'm torn to buying my own motor boat.


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