Keeping Your Kids Cool in London

If you are planning to visit London in July or August, pack your swimming costume! No, London is not the next beach destination but can be HOT, HOT, HOT here in the summer. Most of the time the temperatures in London are quite mild and it could still be considerably cool through the summer but as the mercury rises here, you'll want to be prepared. 

As a Southern Belle from Georgia, we live by our sweet tea and air conditioners in the summer months. You won't find either of those here in London so I've had to get a little creative!

Most hotel rooms will be air conditioned (but still a good question to ask before booking!) but the majority of places will offer no air conditioning. I am known to go take a fitness class just because they have air conditioning while I'm working out! :)

So how do you keep your cool here in London? You put on your suit and splash around in a fountain!

 Diana Memorial Fountain

Princess Diana has two incredible locations that truly celebrate her life- Diana Memorial Playground and this fountain. 

We visited several times last summer and the boys absolutely love it! This fountain is an oval shaped river with rapids, bridges, and small pools. You basically wade around  in circles enjoying each section. My boys love to take a little boat and chase it around (It can get lost in a few places though!) Do make sure you watch little ones carefully as there are deep sections and the water can go quite fast at times!

Serpentine Lido

The Serpentine Lido is located in Hyde Park and offers a children's paddling pool and fantastic playground. There is an entry cost but if you want to spend a few hours reading a book while your kids play happily, it is worth every penny! My boys were highly entertained for at least 3 hours. They alternated between the pool and the playground. If you are especially brave you can take a dip in the Serpentine at Britain's oldest swimming club. Although, I might steer clear with all the swans and geese around- yuck!

More London Riverside

This incredible spot is located next to the River Thames and London Tower Bridge. There is a fountain splash pad and a little river that goes down a pedestrian street full of shops and restaurants. If you follow the river, you'll find a a few water features at the end that the kids will enjoy. This is the place to bring a little boat and chase it! It is quite a busy street full of pedestrians (especially during the lunch hour), so you do have to dodge around a little but it is such fun for the kids. The area is shaded too so that is a plus!

What a view at the splash pad!!

Somerset House

We love Somerset House- this a HUGE fountain with plenty of space to play! I even took a turn cooling off myself. :)

I hope these spots will keep you cool the next time you visit London in the summer!

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