Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

Our days are numbered here in London so I have been soaking up as much as I can before we leave. It is bittersweet for sure! We are packing it in with a little less than two months left. A Disney Cruise, friends visiting, and a few more day trips are all on the agenda. Here are my favorites from the week:


My new converse are shiny and pink! What more could a girl ask for? I love these shoes as they go with almost everything in my wardrobe and make me feel like a true Londoner with my crazy shoes. :)

You can find them on Amazon in the US. 


If you are a fan of Downton Abbey (by the way I am visiting Highclere Castle in July- eeeekkk!!) then this is the book for you! I loved this fictional story written about families that lived in Belgravia. The super cool thing is that this is where I live right now. Some of the houses mentioned in this book are a 3 minute walk from our flat. You know I have gone to look at the houses even though its fiction!


While in the US in April, I picked up the Original Little Hands Card Holders for the boys at Target. We play lots of games in our house and this has been a game changer (no pun intended)! Its always a win for me when the kids can do something independently and on their own!


These brothers....they drive me crazy and melt my heart all at once. Badge's teacher texted this gem to me earlier this week. Heart shattered. They are best friends and I love seeing their relationship grow!


London will always be my favorite. Always. 

Have a great weekend!!


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