The Best Playgrounds in London

Our days seem to revolve around Playgrounds, anyone else feel this way?? Even when we travel to a new city, we are always seeking out a place for the boys to run.  My boys are 4 and 6 now so they just want to get outside and have fun. I think its safe to say that I have been to almost every single playground in Central London this past year. Here's my guide to our favorites!

1) The Victoria Tower Gardens

This playground is located on the backside of the Palace of Westminster (opposite side from Big Ben) and it is the boys TOP playground in London. When you have views of the Thames, London Eye, Victoria Tower and Duck Boats floating by, it has to be the winner. Most playgrounds in London have sand pits. Sand is not my friend and my boys know that I don't allow them to play in it (Mean Mommy, I know!) unless we are dressed for it. I tend to loosen up in the summer months and we'll break out our swimsuits and water shoes.

Sand is my nemesis, but the boys are having fun!

2)  St James Park

We have visited this recently renovated playground at least a 100 times! Its conveniently located and has such a fun slide and rope bridges. There is also a large sand pit here too, but plenty of other areas to keep us occupied. Plus, you can not beat views of Buckingham Palace and the Saint James Park Lake while you watch your kids play.

 These swings are everywhere and super fun!

3) Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens

There are several places to play in Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens but our favorite is the Secret Playground located in the Will to Win Tennis Facility. 

Will to Win Secret Playground

This spot is at the corner of South and West Carriage Dr (very close to the Albert Memorial). There is a cafe here offering yummy coffee and treats. Simply walk through the cafe and you are in your own private oasis. There is even a Putt Putt course fit for the Queen!

Hyde Park Playground

Located just south of the Serpentine and North of Knightsbridge this playground is fully enclosed and has lots of places to play with slides, swings, a tunnel, and plenty of ropes to climb!

Diana Memorial Playground

This is probably the most intense playground in all of London. It is HUGE! It doesn't rank super high on my list though because it is not a very relaxing place for adults. The playground is so big, that you have to follow your kids around because you will lose them in 3 seconds otherwise. There is also a massive sand pit (you know this is not my favorite!!) and one of the coolest pirate ships you can climb. This place is hopping on a sunny day and you will most likely have to queue just to get in! But your kids will love it!!!

5) Victoria Park

This park is quite a hike from Central London and it is only for thrill seekers! The slides are some of the tallest I have ever seen. We spent an afternoon sliding here and it was way too much fun. Even the parents will want to get in on this action. As fun as it is, I might can overlook all the sand. :) The playground is located in the middle of Victoria Park close to the Skate Park. 

 Sliding too fast for the camera. 

Fun for all! 

Honorable Mentions go to......

Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens

Located between Glasshouse Walk and Laud St next to the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens you'll find a small play area that packs a punch. We love the slide, small trampoline and swing. You can combine a trip to this park with the Vauxhall City Farm and your kids will be living the dream!

Battersea Park 

Located in the southwest corner of Battersea Park is a huge Children's Play area. It is easy for your kids to get lost here, so you'll have to keep a close watch on them. There is also a paid ropes course above you that looks super fun for older kids!

Trinity Square Gardens

Steps from the Tower Hill Tube stop and behind an ancient Roman wall, you'll find a unique place to let the kids blow some steam off before heading to the Tower of London.

 Some of the best Playground views!

 Stay tuned for the next installment of play areas...The Best Places to Cool Off in London....coming soon!!

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  1. Great post! Finding playgrounds when we travel is now our life ;) I have a post about places to let your baby play in London, I'll include a link to your post there as well!

  2. We've done a few of these but I've added the others to my list. They all look like great fun. I love a good playground and in London we always seem to be able to find a cupa' nearby. Thanks so much for sharing. #BeBeVoyage.

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