I've been checking out some of London's best viewing spots in The City. There is nothing I love more than climbing up high in a city for great views!

In an attempt to tire out these kids (by the way- it did not work), we decided to climb over 800 steps in one day by visiting the Monument to the Great Fire of 1666 and St Pauls Cathedral. 

We stopped by the Monument first,  there are 311 steps to the top of the 202 foot column. There is a small entrance fee to climb but you also get a certificate at the end for all your efforts!

The winding staircase has fun little alcoves and windows as you make your way up. You might need to stop and catch your breath in one of them!

We made it!

Gorgeous views of the Shard and London Tower Bridge but your view is blocked somewhat by the cage fence.

Next we walked over to St Pauls Cathedral and prepared for a 528 step climb to the dome. I was not allowed to take pictures inside the Cathedral but it was gorgeous! I highly recommend grabbing a free audio guide. There is also a kids audio guide and the boys enjoyed playing games like find and seek. 

The views were definitely better here than the Monument and there was a lot larger viewing platform as well. 

Other notable views:

The Tate Modern 
View of St Pauls from The Tate Modern  

I popped over to the Tate Modern to check out the 10th story viewing deck. Its free (unlike most other views and offers a view of the river and Millennium Bridge. 

The London Tower Bridge
 We love visiting the London Tower Bridge and its very unique glass floor.

Sky Garden- 20 Fenchurch

 Also known as the Walkie Talkie building, the Sky Garden is free to visit but you'll need to book tickets about 3 weeks in advance or have a restaurant reservation to go up. 

What is your favorite view?
I think St Pauls Cathedral wins in my book! I'm hoping to check out The Shard soon- I'll let you know how the view compares to my present favorite!


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