Friday Favorites

Here's what I am loving right now:


My sweet friend, Mimi, introduced me to Frame Barre classes here in London. I'm obsessed now! I am by no means a dancer, but have always had a secret ambition to be a ballet dancer. I am so not coordinated but I love pretending to be and these classes are kicking my tail every week. I've been waking up early to exercise before the sun is up and I can already tell such a difference in myself. I'm getting stronger and I like it!!

My happy place- running in front of Kensington Palace

Being a Tourist

Our time here in London is coming to end. We don't have a specific date set yet, but it is certainly winding down. We are sad, happy, excited, depressed. Everything! I could stay here longer because I love my lifestyle and the boys have an amazing school (ACROSS THE STREET! NO CARPOOL!!) but then I think of my family, friends and my brown eyed sweet little dog- and I feel the pull to come home.
I'm trying to see and do as much as I can while here. Its hard because I'm still balancing work, kids, and just life in general. Its not like we are on vacation here. I know I'm going to look back on this time and wish I had seen it all while I had the chance. That stresses me out big time so I'm setting goals for myself and trying to get out there!

Checking out the Legos at the London Wetland Centre

Minimalist Living

We have no idea where we are going to move back to in Atlanta and we have been looking all over for houses. I do not want to live in a true tiny house, but having a smaller home is very appealing to me now. As much as I dislike only having 750 sq ft for 4 people, its actually pretty nice. It doesn't take that long to clean, everything has a place and its easy to not collect clutter (cause there is NO where to put it!). We literally have a whole semi-truck full of junk in storage that is awaiting our return. I think there is so much to be said for living simple and not having a huge house.


I'm trying to listen more- in the quiet, with music, in words.

Apple Music makes me so happy. I signed up for a free trial back in October and haven't looked back. It costs the same as buying one album a month, yet I get to listen to anything I want, all day long! I love how easy it is to add songs to my iTunes playlists and then everything shows up on my iPhone or apple watch. Its seamless! And I can also download playlists so I don't have to use data streaming.

Here are my favorite songs of the week:

Rebellion (Lies) - Arcade Fire
My Shot- Hamilton The Musical
The Wolf- Mumford & Sons
Castle on the Hill- Ed Sheeran
So Alive- Ryan Adams
Frost- Vertical Horizon

This month I listened to my first audio book in years. Why did I stop doing this? It was perfect to listen to while doing the dishes, running, or riding the bus. I foresee many more audio books in my future - especially once I read that Amazon Prime now offers free books through Audible! I still use the library for most of my digital books (through the Overdrive app) and they offer free audio books too. No excuses!

Back in my teaching days, I always had a fresh podcast downloaded for my commute. I have renewed my podcast feed and added some new favorites. Those are Wire Talk (Birds on A Wire), Surviving Sarah and Young House Love.


Just finished Someday, Someday Maybe by Lauren Graham. This was such a light read. I'm a Gilmore Girl and the dialogue definitely reminded me of Lorelai.

Also, listened to the Audio version of The Nightingale. Sooo good and probably a terrible mistake to listen to the end of the book while running through Hyde Park. Let's just say I was definitely crying in public...while running 5 miles. Hot mess!

Currently Reading:
Desperate- Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson
 In this House We Will Giggle- Courtney DeFeo

Reading Wishlist:
Belgravia by Julian Fellowes (been waiting on the library hold list forever for this book!)

Things I'm missing

A blender- I just want to make smoothies! And salsa!
A Scale- I haven't weighed myself in forever. Mostly that is a good thing, but sometimes, you just want to know if that number is going down...or up.....
Lulu- always.

Things I'm in Denial About

Leaving London- Its not happening. I don't believe it!

 Do your kids insist on having a million toys in bed??

Rowe turning 4- I can not believe he is about to be 4 next Saturday. He is totally my baby and will proudly tell you that he is a Mommy's Boy! Not a Daddy's Boy! I keep telling him there will be a time soon that I won't be able to pick him up, he is just getting so big.

Rise Up Falcons!!!!


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