My love for Hyde Park

Before making the big move to London two months ago, I visited London twice on vacation. Each time we focused on the major tourist spots- Big Ben, London Tower Bridge, British Museum, and the like. But now that we live here, I have fallen hard for a very well known London spot, Hyde Park. 
The name is so iconic to London that I can’t believe I didn’t give this park more time on my previous trips. Sure, we strolled through on our way to another destination but Hyde Park is so huge (350 acres) it commands a bit more attention.  

Swans at The Serpentine

Just in the few weeks we have lived here, I have taken many runs and walks through the park. I am always struck by the extremities of Hyde Park. The roads around the park are some of the busiest in London, but as soon as you step in its boundaries, you feel like you are a 100 miles away from the hustle.  Here you’ll find immaculate gardens, memorials and wild, lush, natural areas.  

Picking flowers by the Meadow

My Favorites

The Serpentine- Hop on a paddle boat and check out the Serpentine Bridge.  

The Dell- a quaint waterfall at the end of  the Serpentine, you’ll want to hop the fence to explore more but it is closed to the public. You still get a great view from the gate.  

The Dell

The Meadow- my favorite place to soak up the sun (If you are lucky enough to see it here in London!)

Spots for Kids

The Allotment in Kensington Gardens- Make sure you say hi to the chickens- yes chickens! 

Diana Memorial Fountain- A must see on a hot day! The kids can jump in and cool off. 

Hyde Park Playground- by Edinburgh Gate- you just might see the Cavalry trotting down Rotten Row around 10:15am on their way to the Changing of the Guard.  

Buckhill Playground- Stop here on your way to the Italian Gardens 

Italian Gardens


Round out your day at Hyde Park by grabbing a bite on the outdoor terrace at the Serpentine Bar & Kitchen. 

On your next visit to London, make sure you carve out a few morning runs or walks in this amazing place and look at it from a different perspective. You won’t be disappointed!! 


  1. Looks delightful. I'm so glad you are enjoying life across the pond. We just went to Hyde Park in NY, along the Hudson River to see all things presidential (FDR).


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