Did you know that I'm a dreamer?
I dream all kinds of achievements and scenarios for my life. Sometimes I will get a dream in my head, start taking steps to make it a reality and then suddenly realize that this is not even close to what I want!! I think this is a major reason why I love reading and watching movies so much- I can dream in full color!!
This past year we became small group leaders at our church and now have a tribe of 10 people (5 couples) that we meet with each week. I absolutely look forward to hosting and welcoming these beautiful folks in our home. Last year we completed the Storyline study by Donald Miller. It was wonderful. I learned so much about myself, my marriage, my husband and my new friends.
The goal in Storyline is that you will find out what your subplot is in God's story. We are all characters in God's story- and what happens to our favorite characters** in stories? They all want something and then overcome conflict to get it.
So I began to dream again about what I wanted but realized that I just can't do it all. Donald recommends that you choose 5 roles to focus on and no more. At the end of my story, I want all of these present:

Wife- A thriving life long marriage
Mother- Children raised to love and serve God, Adult children that want to come home and enjoy spending time with us
Friend- Loyalty, Love and Support for others
Teacher- Provide for my family by teaching subjects I love
Learner- Continue to learn things that I enjoy like pottery, painting, letterpress, baking and sewing

I have watched the resolution posts from my friends on Facebook with delight- after all, I am a dreamer and nothing gets me more excited then seeing the dreams of others. What will 2014 bring me? Where will my story go this year? Will I make decisions that lead me to the above roles, or will I waste my time on good dreams, but they really aren't what I ultimately want.

Here are the steps that I am committed to taking this year:

Wife- Go on a date with my super cute husband at least once a month. Take a vacation that is just us this year.
Mother- Read and ask questions so I can learn how to handle discipline better. Love more.
Friend- Start a women's ministry at my church, so I can support other women. I have actually already been working on this one! Birds on a Wire is coming to my church in February!
Teacher- Find at least 5 more piano students to teach in my area. Use the money from lessons to buy a piano, silhouette and furniture for my craft room.
Learner-   Take an art class at night.

The only other goal to add is that I also need to take care of my body so I can accomplish all of these wonderful things. So that means eating more whole foods and working out.

I hope this dreamer can stay focused and learn to say no to distractions in 2014.

**My favorite characters include but are not limited to: Harry Potter, Tris, Edward, Anne, Jo and Elizabeth.


  1. I love this! I love the roles you have set your eyes on. And I just love it when you blog. :) I really would like to do the Storyline study in our next small group as well.


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