Lulu's Day at the Beach

In January, we went to visit our awesome friends, The Hills. They live in beautiful southern California and I'm always jealous of the great weather they have! We had a terrific weekend of beach bonfires, burgers by the ocean, Sprinkles cupcakes, Ferris wheel rides and even a little shopping! Lulu's favorite part of the trip was going to the beach for the first time!

She was pretty timid at first and never went really far into the water, but she still had a blast! Baby Adams and I had a blast too!

Here is Lulu with her new BFF, Toby. Toby is a golden doodle which is what people always think Lulu is.

Enjoying the sun!

We attempted to get a picture with both dogs and this was the best we could do!

Oh how I wish this was in my backyard!


  1. Love your travel posts & it hasn't slowed during your pregnancy. I can't wait to see what happens to your travel after Baby Adams is born. Will you be able to do carry-on only??

  2. Yay!! We were so glad you guys made it out again! I love the pic of Toby flying through the air. Can't wait for Baby Adams...he's coming soon!


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