Christmas 2010

One of the reasons I was so busy this past month has to do with handmade Christmas presents! I made so many quilts that Normer called me a quilt factory! These pictures are horrible, but they will have to do. I didn't have much time to stop and document things.
Here is a quilt I made for my mom. I absolutely love this fabric line. It's all sewing inspired and has little scissors and spools of thread throughout. Of course all of the fabric came from the best fabric shop in the world, Whipstitch Fabrics!

I made this quilt for my step-dad. He is from Wisconsin and even has his own cheese hat.

Here is the quilt I made for Normer's mom. It mostly the same fabric as my mom's but more blues.

I also made a quilt for my sister, but never took a picture of it!

I had a lot of fun making this apron for a friend. This is from Anna Maria Horner's fabric line. I'm also using this fabric to make a nursing cover.

When I found out that my sister in law didn't have an advent calendar for her 4 kids, I had to whip one up! I didn't use a pattern for it but found my inspiration from looking at photos online.  I was really happy with the way it turned out. Each day has it's own pocket to hide little treats. I'll need one of these for my kids one day!

We always spend Christmas with Normer's family at his sister's, who lives up in Canton. The snow at her house was absolutely gorgeous on Christmas!

I think Lulu enjoyed the snow more than anyone else!

Maybe Santa will bring you your own yard to play in by next Christmas, Lulu.

Now for our presents! For some reason, Normer constantly uses the phrase, "What about Lulu?" If I say that I'm going out somewhere, he says, "What about Lulu?" If I say that I'm going to bed, he says "What about Lulu?". I decided that he needed his own t-shirt and here's what I came up with.

I'm also getting Normer a ski helmet for Christmas but he hasn't found the right one yet. We may wait until we go to Colorado in a month and purchase one there.

I found Lulu the perfect gift for Christmas! You may have seen my complaint on facebook about Lulu finding chicken wing bones on her walk. I don't know why people think it's ok to just throw your chicken bone on the sidewalk like it's going to burst into flames and disappear. Lulu is so sneaky about getting these too. We'll get back inside the condo and realize that she has been hiding one in her mouth the entire walk! Sometimes I think she views her walk as one big Candyland where treats wait for her every step of the way. So needless to say, when I saw these in Target, I knew she would love them. Haha.

Normer was extra generous this Christmas and surprised me with a Kindle! It is something I have wanted for a long time, but had given up hope of getting one. He even got me a hot pink case to go with it! I've already read 4 books on it since Christmas so it will get a lot of use from me.

I hope everyone else had a great Christmas in 2010! I'm excited about all that 2011 holds for us.


  1. I love your Advent calendar! Maybe we can both whip one up for next year together!

  2. 1. I love the apron, advent calendar and the "What about Lulu?" tshirt! How cute!
    2. Your Australia pics were awesome...I am so glad you guys finally got to make the trip!
    3. I cannot wait for you to visit! One week!

  3. OH, I love the things you have been making, what a talented lady you are! I would love to hear what you've been reading, as I'm looking for something new and good to read. I read a few books over the Christmas break, but now I'm ready for something new!

  4. When you were in college I would have NEVER guessed you were so crafty. I'm very impressed with all your sewing.
    I can't wait to read your blog after baby Adams arrives...the times they are a changin'
    And, only the Normer's would do Australia in a day!

  5. That "What about Lulu?" shirt CRACKED ME UP. That's so you guys.


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