Australia Day 1

Normer and I traveled to Australia over Thanksgiving.Yes, I'm a little behind on blogging but I'm going to get you all caught up asap! I have been sewing like crazy the past month making Christmas gifts, so didn't have much time to blog! We just got back from London yesterday and have some fun pics of that trip to post later. Thanks for being patient with me while I roll back the clock to November!!

Back to Sydney....
We actually left right after our family's Thanksgiving meal. It was perfect timing since we got to enjoy our turkey and an empty airport! We flew to LA first then boarded our super swanky plane to Sydney. We were quite lucky to land in first class complete with flat beds! It was the easiest 15 hours I have ever spent on a plane! I could have easily stayed there for a few more hours watching all the Harry Potter movies.

Once we arrived in Sydney, we dropped off our bags and headed to see the infamous harbor area.

We hopped on a ferry and took a 30 minute ride to Manly Beach. I had prepared for it to be pretty warm in Sydney. However the weather decided to play games with us and kept changing. One minute the sun would be out and you were burning up. The next minute it was windy, raining and freezing!

Take note of the cliff over Normer's shoulder...we'll be there on Day 2.

I'm working on mastering the perfectly positioned arm across the belly to show case that baby bump.

Manly Beach

It was so windy over on Manly that we decided to head back to Sydney since we were freezing! We actually ended up going back to our hotel around 6pm with plans of going back out again later. We were so tired that we fell asleep at 7pm and didn't wake up until the next morning. Tomorrow, we'll get a closer view of the opera house!


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