Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks

After a full day of driving around Yosemite and getting some rest, we headed over to Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks. We took the Kings Canyon loop first  and saw some amazing views. We thought it was just really cloudy in the canyon...

...but it turned out to be a wildfire. It was so smoky that we really couldn't see much of the canyon at all. I have no idea how people were camping in all that smoke. I wouldn't be able to handle that with my asthma, that's for sure! It was amazing how the smoke blocked out the sun and cast this beautiful glow over everything. We even saw some flames at the tip top of the huge trees. Quite surreal.

After another few hours of driving, we finally arrived in Sequoia! I couldn't wait to see the big trees!

Our first sighting!

They were absolutely amazing and quite fuzzy! You would think that the trees would feel tough and hard. But they actually felt kinda soft and fuzzy! Not kidding!

We visited with the General Sherman- the world's largest tree! I think he truly earned that title!

Way up in the tree tops.

Unfortunately, we ran out of daylight so we weren't able to drive all the roads in Sequoia. We were also starving and couldn't find anywhere to eat. There was one nice restaurant at one the hotels but reservations were required for dinner. Seeing that we were in the middle of no where, it was our only hope. At this point, I hadn't had a real meal in 8 hours, and that just doesn't sit well with my stomach these days! We went to the restaurant hoping maybe they could squeeze us in. There was a guy in front of us and the hostess told him to come back in an hour and 1/2. Once that guy was out of earshot, I kindly asked if they had any cancellations and was there anyway they could work us in? She said that there wasn't but what time did we want to eat? To which I responded, "As soon as possible! I'm pregnant and starving!" And guess what? The pregnancy card worked and we were seated immediately! We had a delicious dinner and I could have kissed that hostess for saving the day!

We truly enjoyed our time in California and wish we had more days in the week to travel!


  1. Got to love the pregnancy card!! Looks like you had a lovely trip:)

  2. Glad y'all are still enjoying your hobbies before baby arrives!! Enjoy this time.

  3. Yay for the pregnancy card. Girl, use it, use it, use it. Cause after that baby comes, no one cares about the momma. ;)

    Love your photos! Aren't those trees just amazing out west?!


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