Yosemite National Park

On Labor Day Weekend, Normer and I hopped on a plane and headed for San Francisco. We rented a car and then headed east across California to Yosemite! It was quite the drive through winding roads but totally worth it when we had our first view of Yosemite Valley. The Half Dome is just barely visible in this picture....still pretty far away.

After going to the visitor's center, we headed up to Glacier Point to find the best view of the valley. 20 points to every person who can tell me what logo is based on the Half Dome.

We picked a perfect time for this drive with the evening sunlight streaming in. You can see one of Yosemite's waterfalls over on the right side of the pic.

On our drive back down, we turned a corner and this come in to our view. It was all I could do to whip out the camera as fast as possible to catch it.

Sunset over the valley

Our plan was to drive to our hotel and then come back the next morning for some hiking in Yosemite. We thought the hotel was only an hour away, but it turned out to be almost 2 hours away. At that point, we decided to head to two other National Parks that were a little closer. I was a little bummed about not getting to explore more of Yosemite but it was also cool to explore more of beautiful California!
2 more National Parks coming up next!


  1. Thanks for the update on your travels:)

  2. I'm sad you didn't get to explore more, but glad you got a taste of the best place on earth. :)

  3. Cool! I should have warned you about how far away the towns are. We did that one year... stayed in Mariposa, which worked fine except it was a LOT of driving in and out of the park. Glad you got to see it... and for the record, Glacier Point is probably THE best thing to do if you only have one day in the park! We used to drive up there in the middle of the night and roast marshmallows. True story.

  4. We spent 3 days in Yosemite Valley (and went to Glacier Point...actually Sentinel Dome) this summer. The roads are long, the traffic heavy, but the views are amazing.
    I know you want to see it all, but slow down and enjoy the journey. Read about our California trip at www.journeywiththenobles.blogspot.com....posts were in June.
    Can't wait to find out what other parks you saw.


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