Normer and I traveled to beautiful Arizona last week. This was the first time either of us had been and we had a lot of fun exploring the state! We arrived Thursday around lunch, rented a car and headed north from Phoenix. Of course we had to find the nearest In N Out before we did anything else!
Our first stop was Sedona. On the way there, I marveled at the HUGE cactus all along the sides of the interstate. Amazing!
Here's a view from outside Sedona.

Enjoying the dry air with NO humidity!

I had no idea that the Grand Canyon is in the middle of no where. Literally! I think it's at least 2 hours from any major city. The road out there looked like this. Nothing. Not even cell phone service!

We finally made it to the East Entrance on the South Rim. It is so hard to judge distances in the canyon. I saw a sign that said visibility was 100 miles the day we were there. That's a long way!

Here's a view of the Colorado river winding through the canyon.

I wanted to get down to see the river so bad! There were signs all over the place saying to not hike to the bottom and back in one day or you will die. I would die just hiking to the bottom in general. I would never have the chance to make it back!

Here's rain moving across the canyon. It was so peaceful watching the rain fall in the distance.

We went for a hike on the South Kaibab trail down to the Cedar Ridge point. It took us about an hour to get down almost 2 hours to get back up. We took a break at the Oh Ah Point.

Enjoying the view!

We were only able to spend one day in the Canyon, but it was worth all the driving we did.

I have a few more pics of Sedona to post later!


  1. Wow. Did you get a new camera or something? Because your pictures are always great, but these are really special for sure! That first one is good enough to win a photography contest! (Says the amateur, of course...) Looks like a fun trip!

  2. We did get a new camera back in December. Maybe we are just finally figuring out who to use it! Thanks for your compliment! :)

  3. Love the pictures! Can't wait to hear a story or two...

  4. I love the pictures too! Looks like you had a great time (and Lulu did at our house as well)! Since I don't get to see you weekly any more (and you helped get Google reader set up) I guess I have no choice but to catch up with what's going on in your life via your blog. ;)

  5. Stacee - love love love that first picture of you! Beautiful!


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