For Memorial Day, Normer and I headed to Rio De Janiero with our friends Corey and Jeff. Rio is pretty much the LA of South America with mild temperatures and gorgeous beaches!

One of the main things I wanted to see was the Christ the Redeemer Statue. We paid $50 a couple to take a taxi and then a bus up the mountain. When we arrived, here's what we saw:

Nothing but clouds!

This was the clearest picture we got. And he was in scaffolding? Why did no one tell us BEFORE we paid $50?

The next day we took a tram up to Sugarloaf Mountain. Here's a view overlooking the city with the Christ the Redeemer Statue on the tallest peak.

There! See it?

Beautiful Rio

And here's Sugarloaf:

Our condo was on the Copacabana side of the city, on the left side of this picture and the top of the curve.

Me with Corey and Jeff. I bought some funky sunglasses on the beach and I don't care if I look dorky!

Our last day in Rio, we rented bicycles and rode around the Lagoon. Such gorgeous views!!

One last photo with Christ the Redeemer


  1. Oh Stacee that was wonderful!! Thanks for giving those of us who don't travel as much a mini vacation through your photos:)

  2. So fun!! I can't get over that ginormous statue of Jesus. Can't decide if it's really cool or kind of freaky. ;) Maybe both.

    Loved traveling vicariously with you again. :)


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