Last weekend, I went to New York City with my friend Jackie. We arrived early Saturday morning and set out for Rockefeller Center and Times Square. Unfortunately, it was raining/snowing the whole day but that didn't stop us from sightseeing! We also learned quite a bit about how to be aggressive with your umbrella. Pretty much if you didn't fight back against the crowd, your umbrella would be swept away from you.

We managed to get tickets to see the Rockettes! We were on the top mezzanine, but I thoroughly enjoyed the show! Here are a few of my favorite parts of the show.

The first time the Rockettes came out:

The Soldiers falling down:

Dancing Santa Clauses:


Nativity Scene- I loved that they even had this in the show. Most folks stay away from anything Jesus related in order to be a little more PC. So it really made my day to have Christmas represented! They even had live camels and sheep on the stage! Fun!

After the show we grabbed a quick dinner and then headed back to the hotel since we had been awake since 3am!!

On Sunday we set out to see as much as we could. Our first stop was The Plaza Hotel:

Right across from The Plaza is the Apple Store....

and F & O Schwarz....

...where I saw these awesome Edward & Bella Barbie dolls. (Did anyone else crack up as much as me when Jim gave Kelly the poster of Edward last night on the Office. Loved it!)

Then for lunch we dropped into Serendipity! We had a two hour wait so we spent most of it walking in Central Park and Bloomingdale's.

Serendipity was decorated so cute for Christmas! I've heard the food there isn't that great, but we really enjoyed it...

The menu was gigantic and we were seated next to the heater which was a good thing for about 5 minutes..,then we started stripping off all of our layers. I think I was wearing 4 shirts.

And of course we ended our meal with Frozen Hot Chocolates! Yum!

After lunch we saw the skating rink in Central Park....

And then heading to see Grand Central Station, The Chrysler Building and finally ended up at the Empire State Building where we waited 2 hours to get to the top! It was FREEZING up there so we were only able to stay on top for about 15 minutes. It was truly a gorgeous view but too cold for us! Here you can see all the bright lights of Times Square and the skating rink at Rockefeller! You can also barely see the top of the Christmas tree as well.

After eating a delicious dinner at Mercer Kitchen we headed back to our hotel and crashed for then night.

On Monday, our first order of business was to see the Statue of Liberty. We thought about taking a ferry out to it, but we couldn't get tickets to go inside it and the line was pretty crazy. A person can only handle so many long lines, so we skipped the ferry and just saw it from afar.

Then we visited Ground Zero and then headed back to Rockefeller to take a few more pics! We bought these matching hats at Century 21.

After Rockefeller, we wondered around Saks 5th Ave, Tiffanys and a ton of other shops. We also visited Crumbs. Their cupcakes were AMAZING....

And then we ate a hotdog in Times Square...

..and then I felt like I was going to throw up. I think it was eating a huge cupcake and then eating a hotdog that didn't sit to well, haha.

At this point, we were out of time and had to head to the airport. I love NYC and can't wait to go back!


  1. Thanks for sharing your pics, Stacee...looks like a great time! Well, except for the day navigating the crowds of umbrellas, but I'm glad you kept yours!

  2. Great photos! This could be my favorite post of yours yet! I love your hats. The pic of the soldiers falling down is fabulous (can't believe you could take photos during the show!), the frozen hot chocolate looks so yummy, and lastly - the Twilight Barbie dolls are HILARIOUS. (And just watched The Office and cracked UP at that too!)

  3. I'm pretty excited too!!! Can't wait. NYC here we come! Def checking out Crumbs. That's the one my friend Katy suggested!

  4. The frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity is good.

    We got your Christmas card in the mail today. They were so cute. I tried to explain to Michael how you made them. I don't know if he quite understood but he was impressed as well!


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