Halloween Fun!

Normer and I had quite the halloween this past weekend! I spent about 2 days making our costumes. I have really learned a lot about costume making over the years so it was fun to put all of that to use this year for myself!

Here we are!

DSC04137I never got a full shot of the Eiffel Tower but it goes all the way to the floor! And Normer is Big Ben if you didn't get it. :) Last minute I decided to make a little beret for myself to wear. I asked Normer if he had any old dress pants that he didn't wear anymore. He scronged up a pair for me and I cut them up to make the hat. It needed to be a little more poofy on top to look like an actual beret but I thought it did the job pretty well. It was super easy to make so that has inspired me to make more hats for myself!

Oh and sorry for the red eye in the pic. I'm too tired to edit it. We might be getting a new camera for Christmas! Yah!

Happy November everyone!


  1. Love the costumes! You are SO creative!

  2. LOVE these! Looks like tons of research, too, to get all the details just right. Someday I'll devote this much time to H'ween--this year when the kids asked what we were going as, we had to say, "A mommy and a daddy." So lame. Yours are way, way cooler!

  3. Stacee, these are the best costumes I've seen this season! So creative considering all y'all's traveling.


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