Fall Craftiness

Last weekend my fun friend, Amy, came over to work on some sewing projects. We both have a ton of friends that will have babies soon, so we needed to make lots of gifts! We decided to make an Amy Butler pattern of a little butterfly pillow. Boy, we didn't know what we were signing up for.
Here is Amy tracing her pattern on the window.

DSC04110There I am sewing, I'm still happy at this point...

DSC04112And here are our finished projects...those are forced smiles by the way. Our butterflies did NOT turn out well. They look great from afar..but man, they were bad, really bad.

DSC04114In other news, I'm taking a letterpress class. I've been in the class about 3 weeks now and I got to print on a press made in 1897. It was pretty amazing. This week in class I'm working on gift tags. I'm going to print To and From on the cards and then sew little designs on them.

DSC04130I'm also working on Wedding Invitations. Here is one design I've come up with:

DSC04127And here's the other:

DSC04126Just to give you a preview the text will go on the right side of this invite but will be letter pressed! I'm excited about it!


I'll post pics of the finished product. It might be a few weeks because it will probably take me an entire class just to set all that type!


  1. I actually really like your butterfly pillow! I know a little girl with a butterfly room who'd take it off your hands if you want to get rid of it. ;)

    Can't wait to see the letterpress stuff- so fun!


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