Dog Campaigning

Ya'll. I am so excited. I love animals. I always have...but there is a major problem, I'm severely allergic to all animals. Cats, dogs, horses...anything furry and I'm allergic.

This weekend I went to visit my very fun friend Becca. She lives just outside of Denver and I love to go visit her whenever I can. We had such a fun weekend of sewing, baking, and catching up. But hold on, more on those fun times in a second.

I have finally found a dog that I'm not allergic to. You don't know how HUGE this is for me. Becca and her husband, Jake, have a Miniature Poodle. His name is Tank. He is the most adorable dog and I AM NOT ALLERGIC TO HIM. Did you hear that? I'M NOT ALLERGIC TO HIM!!

I mean, look at this cuteness:


I have spent my whole life with this scenario: Touch an animal and then immediately go scrub down my arms so I don't break out or start sneezing.

Now look at this picture:


There I am....holding a dog. HOLDING a dog. I'm not sneezing, I'm not itching. I'm smiling while holding a dog. What a concept.

Now,  the only problem with this is that we live in a small condo on the 4th floor and there is no end in sight of when we might be able to move. We are stuck here for awhile. Yet, now that I know I am able to have a dog in my house, I have dog fever. Probably worse than baby fever. Ok, maybe not that bad, but it's bad.

I want a little "Tank" of my own. But the husband is resisting. And he is resisting for practical reasons of which I totally understand. But come on, how can you resist this?

IMG_0351How could you deny that cute little face, Normer? Hmm???

Ok, back to the fun weekend in Denver. Becca is an amazing cook. She has been to culinary school and worked in a bakery. I think I gained 10 pounds from all the baked goods I ate this weekend. I got to Denver Saturday morning and the very first thing we did when I arrived was play Settlers. Ha, Becca and Jake are my kind of people. The next thing we did was bake a delectable White Strawberry filled Layer Cake with one of Becca's friends.

Later that night we went up on one of the mountains to visit a house that Becca and Jake are remodeling. It was absolutely gorgeous with fantastic views. How would you like to wake up to this everyday?


After grilling some yummy chicken kabobs and watching the sunset, we made smores over the fire. What a fun night!
DSC04085On Sunday, I woke up extra early and was able to go running with my new friend Eve. Eve is great friends with my close friend Jackie. I met her through Jackie's wedding and she just happens to live in Denver. She took me running on a beautiful trail with mountain views. Then Eve and I meet Becca for a breakfast at a cute little coffee shop. After breakfast, Becca and I headed back home to start sewing. We worked on napkins, purses and I even appliqued on a onesie. Here is Becca with her napkin:

DSC04106And after all that sewing, we had to make a cake. So we made Pioneer Woman's Apple Cake.


Yum-O. It would have been a lot better if we had let the butter brown more, but we got too impatient. After the apple cake, we were quite exhausted so we called it a night!

I had such a fun weekend in Denver. Thanks Becca and Jake for having me over!

Oh, and one more thing...I'm dog campaigning. Here is my first official act on this official campaign trail.

Normer, I want us to get a poodle. All of my life, I have had to cast aside my affection and love for animals because of my stupid allergies. I have always wanted a dog. A little dog of my own to love and cherish.  For 28 long years, I have suffered because of my allergies. But not anymore. Now, with your help, we can put away those painful memories and fulfill my heart's desires. Oh, my sweet husband, won't you let us get a little puppy?

Want to join me on this campaign? Feel free to write a comment on here telling Normer why we should get a dog. :)


  1. First off, that dog is adorable!!!! Second, you totally have to get a poodle!! The unconditional puppy love is amazing. They are so much fun to have as part of the family :)

  2. GET A DOG!!!! Andy was hesitant (I've always been the dog lover) and he would say that Murphy was one of the best decisions we ever made. He's obsessed with her. Oh my gosh, it's ridiculous how much we love that "little buddy" - something we say all the time! It's been a fun thing for our marriage - Saturday mornings at the dog park, etc. YAY for Dogs!!

  3. That is one cute poodle! Any of those poodle dogs are hypo allergenic so they are a great choice! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you- everyone needs a little puppy love in their lives!

    Plus- little dogs can use potty pads. My mom's pups are trained to do their business in the laundry room since they are home alone during the day!

  4. JEALOUSY! I did not know you were heading to CO! I am so sad I missed all the fun. And baking from PIONEER WOMAN? It does not get any better than that. Jealous jealous jealous. : )

  5. I definitely understand dog fever. I have also wanted one for a while now and Michael keeps resisting. But, I think I'm finally breaking him down. :) So Normer might just want to give in now!

    However, Michael says, "Just keep saying no Normer!"

  6. Patience is a virtue. Don't get a dog and make it live in a condo! But I'm glad you found a dog you are not allergic too. Should you visit us, we still have cats! Are you coming to Mtn. Day?

  7. Stacee!!! You need a dog!!!! That is the sweetest picture of you holding the dog that I have ever seen!!! I'm coming home for Thanksgiving. I would love to see you and your new dog!!!

  8. Oh Stacee! What a fun blog post! I love all of the cute pictures of Tank! He sure is a cutie huh?! I love how much fun you had with him and that you AREN'T allergic to him! How wonderful! I know the feeling, although somewhat milder than your allergies! It's so nice to have a pet and not be sneezing all the time!!

    Can't wait for you to get a pup yourself!! It will be so much fun!! Thanks for coming to visit me!! I loved having you out here!!


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