Boston in a Day!

This past Saturday, Normer and I flew to Boston for the day. We arrived around 10am and hopped on the T. We got off at the start of the Freedom Trail. The Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile walk through most of Boston's most historic sites. You just follow the red bricks throughout the city. We didn't buy the $6 guidebook for the trail so we pretty much had no idea what we were looking at throughout the day...but we still enjoyed it! We also forgot the camera, so iPhone pics will have to do!! We think this is the graveyard where Paul Revere was buried...but we weren't totally sure.

IMG_0289Normer and Ben Franklin.

IMG_0291Me in Boston!

IMG_0293We ate lunch at the Quincy Market. There were a ton of restaurants to choose from!

IMG_0302Paul Revere on his horse with the Old North Church Steeple behind him.

IMG_0313The view of Boston from the Charleston Navy Yard.

IMG_0324We had just enough time to stop by Harvard before we caught the last flight out.

IMG_0325We almost got to spend an extra day in Boston because the flight was full, but thankfully we got on and made it home by 9pm that night!


  1. Check out an iPhone app called HearPlanet. I think it's about $5 in the App Store, and finds audio tour guides online based on your location. I didn't see one for the Freedom Trail when I searched just now, but then again I do have the lite version. :-) Don't know if the full version would have had that or not.

  2. slow down and enjoy the scenery! I hope you will revisit all these places when you don't have to rush. We went to Boston last summer and spent 2 nights. You know Tommy Murphy lives in the shadow of Fenway Park! He is at Boston Univ.


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