Zion National Park Day II

We woke up Sunday morning to this...


 Not a bad morning huh? Keri was slaving away over the Jet Boil to fix us a breakfast of yummy oatmeal.


The plan for the day was to hike up The Narrows. It is a very strenous hike where you go up a river in a canyon. The canyon can be very narrow at times so you basically keep crossing the river from shore to shore. Somtimes the river can be shallow but other times it can be over your waist. Sometimes there are even flash floods and you don't have much warning that they are coming.  I was very, very nervous about this hike and was not looking forward to it!
We did rent some pretty sexy pants and shoes for this excursion. Here are the guys:


And here are the ladies!


After getting all suited up we hopped on the bus and headed up to the trail head. It was after 2 different stops that our bus driver conveniently told us that The Narrows was closed for the day.  If the river is flowing too fast or there are signs of flash flooding, the trail will shut down for 24 hours. I can't tell you how happy I was. I was not looking forward to walking around in those pants all day PLUS having NO bathroom at all.  We hopped off the bus and then took the next bus back down to our camp site to take our gear back. We decided to hike two different trails that day. The first was Observation Point. We hiked the 1-2 miles in and enjoyed the great view.


We decided to eat lunch up at the top. We brought the Jet Boil and our freeze dried food with us so it was really easy to cook lunch. I was actually pretty impressed with our food on the trip. Here is our lunch spot with the glorious view.

This is the only group picture we took with everyone:


Haha, I just realized we all match. Black shorts with Grey and Red shirts. We were very coordinated!
After lunch, we hiked back down and then headed to the Emerald Pool Trail. This was a little longer trail with three different pools to pass by. I really wasn't that impressed with these so called Emerald pools... they were a little muddy looking to me.
Here's a pic we took at the top pool.


After the Emerald Pools we went into town to get stuff for Smores and enjoyed a quiet night by the fire.
We had to get up very early the next day to make our drive back to Salt Lake City for our flight so we went to bed pretty early. I enjoyed camping so much that Normer and I are planning another camping trip in August. Can't wait!


  1. Yay!!! You not only don't hate camping, you love it!

    You can always come camping with the Tiemann clan when we resume our favorite activity. :)

  2. Stacee
    Zion is probably my FAVORITE park. We don't camp. Next time treat yourself to the Desert Pearl - it is MORE than a hotel. I will not attempt Angel's Landing, but have been on several trails with chains - very scary. I have been in the Narrows - very cool. Next time fly to Vegas, the drive is only 2 hours and rentals are CHEAP in Vegas. Hope to see you at Jonathan & Sarah's going away party!


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