Cape Town Day 4- Robben Island

Well- it took forever for me to get this post up! I am finally done with the musical and now I can focus on more important things- like this blog! I'll write a more personal post soon- lots of things to update you on!


On our last day in Cape Town, Normer and I decided to go visit Robben Island. Our flight was leaving later that evening so we only had a few hours left!

Robben Island has a LOT of history! The island is located about 5 miles off the coast in Table Bay. It was first inhabited during the stone ages when sea levels were very low. The island was connected to the mainland because of the low water level. Since the end of the 17th century, the island has been used to isolate all kinds of people- Lepers, convicts, slaves, and political prisoners. During the late 1950's the island came became a maximum security prison. So many people were unjustly imprisoned there and conditions were very, very bad. Nelson Mandela was imprisoned there for over 20 years.

The island is now a museum so we took a ferry boat ride out and took a tour of the island by bus.

We were freezing on the ride over. I was wearing a long sleeve shirt with my jacket and since Normer only had a short sleeve shirt he decided it was ok to take my jacket. We ended up huddled together because we were still freezing.
DSC03382We had a beautiful view of Cape Town from the boat.

DSC03379We spent a few minutes walking around the prison. This is the actual cell where Nelson mandela was held.

DSC03391Here is a view of Table Mountain from inside the prison gates.
DSC03388We had an amazing trip in South Africa and really want to go back again. I still can't believe how beautiful it all was!!


  1. Welcome back to the blogging world! Thanks for the final trip update... As always, looking forward to more adventures in the lives of Stacee and Normer. :)


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