Cape Town Day 3- Table Mountain

On our third day in Cape Town we planned to tackle the huge Table Mountain. I was fully expecting Normer to make me hike up to the top but he didn't. I am not a fan of hiking at all. Every hike I have ever been on with Normer has been a complete disaster. But that is a story for another day!

We bought tickets to take the cable car up to the top of Table Mountain. Cable cars freak me out a little. I try to act all brave but deep down I'm thinking "What if the cable snaps??????".
dsc03251We arrived at the top safe and sound. Unfortunately, it was really cloudy and we didn't have the greatest view. From our short experience in Cape Town, the weather was constantly changing so I had hope that the clouds would eventually roll past.
dsc03269The top of the mountain was very rocky but there were nice wide paths for you to walk  on. There was also a restaurant and (of course) a gift shop for your touristy pleasure. The views were amazing. This is looking towards Cape Point.
dsc03353We walked around for about an hour or so going to each side of the mountain for different views.
dsc03292I was quite surprised how close you could get to the edge. This was no Stone Mountain with a nice fence around the top. I could have plunged to my death many times!!
dsc03307This sign was a little un-nerving. Here are my questions: A) What does a hooter sound like? B)What kind of high winds are we talking about? Like blow me off the side of the mountain winds? I'm glad I didn't have to personally experience any of this.
dsc03270One thing I know about my husband is that he likes to explore. Every single time we go to a park or nature area he is always trying to go as far as possible. This is where we differ majorly. I can't tell you how many arguments have started because of this. His style: Go as far as you can at a slow steady pace. My Style: Go as quick as you can in a span of 45 minutes...then I'm DONE. Eventually, we reached the point where I was done and he was itching to go further.  Normer wanted to hike across the entire top of the mountain, so he did. And I went back to the restaurant and got a latte. Yep, that's how we keep our marital bliss. :)
I was able to snap a pic of this gorgeous pink flower before I turned back.
dsc03323Eventually the clouds did lift and we were able to enjoy the wonderful views. I sat around enjoying the view for an hour while Normer was off hiking to the ends of earth.
dsc03345Normer was quite proud of this shadow picture he took.
dsc03351We spent so much time on the mountain that the cable car was about to make its last trip down so we decided to head out.  We grabbed a taxi and went back to the Waterfront for dinner. As we were looking for a place to eat we found another great photo opportunity.

dsc03369This was my favorite day from our trip to Cape Town. Table Mountain is definitely in my top five places to visit in the world.

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  1. So amazing - those views!!!

    I love how you guys have figured out how to keep both of you happy - very smart. :)

  2. Wow, gorgeous pics. What views! Looks like a great trip.

  3. {{Big hug!}} You're doing the right thing by waiting. Even though it's hard. The Lord will give you exactly what you need for each day. And your kids will come in His timing.

    Plus, now you know that not everyone is pregnant except you!

    And think of all the traveling you get to do now. It's so much harder when you have to pack diapers and equipment. Going to Europe suddenly has zero appeal. Seriously!


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