Making Stamps

A few weeks ago my friend Catherine taught me how to make stamps. I can't believe how easy it is!! I can whip out a super fun stamp in only a matter of minutes!! My first stamp was a bird- of course, what else would my first stamp be of?? These are the stamps I have made so far starting from the top right going clockwise: Bird, Branch, Small Bird, Plant and a Baby Bassinet. For more stamping fun visit Geninne's Blog.

dsc03110Here is the bird and the branch all stamped out:

dsc03105Remember that Amy Butler fabric that I got last month? I've been working on an apron for a friend with the fabric and I've reached a sewer's block. I tried something new by putting at ruffle the top but now I don't like it. I'm really thinking about taking that ruffle off. Ugh.


The apron still needs a pocket and I have no idea what to do for it! Sometimes I just have to take awhile to think before I know what to do next! So if you have any encouragement I sure could use it!!


  1. You're so crafty! And talented - did you draw the bird yourself? Either way, I'm impressed!


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