Seattle- Part II

Normer and I took the ferry from Seattle over to Bainbridge Island. Here is Normer looking like the captain of the boat.

dsc03011We had a beautiful view of Seattle and the Space Needle.

dsc02991 It was quite windy and cold out on the boat!

dsc02990Here's a view from Bainbridge Island looking out to Seattle.

dsc02999I had a little too much fun entertaining myself by taking pictures.

dsc03010We finally made it to the island and walked around for a few minutes. There was a beautiful trail along the bay that we followed for awhile.

dsc03013Bainbridge was a beautiful island and was quite quaint.  We spent a few minutes walking around a shopping area and went in a few places. I found a great fabric store but kept myself from buying anything.

dsc03018As we were walking back to the ferry boat we saw some interesting Valentine's decorations on someone's balcony.

dsc03019Here's a closer shot:


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