What was under my tree...

It looks like I'm going to spend quite a lot of  2009 sewing. Here are some of the great books that were under my Christmas tree this year.


My sweet husband went above and beyond and got me Amy Karol's Bend-The-Rules Sewing. She has a great blog by the way and great sewing tutorial videos. He  also gave me Amy Butler's Little Stitches For Little Ones and Institches. I also got Stitch Magazine (Thanks Chantel!) and I absolutely can't wait to make one of the skirts in this issue!

I did find some time the other day to make my first project out of Stitch, a Mosaic Silk scarf. Here is the picture in the magazine of what it is SUPPOSED to look like:


And here is mine:


Um, yeah, a little different. I wasn't sure what type of silk I was using since I bought the fabric as remnants awhile back but obviously I didn't use the right kind! The silk was very wrinkly! I also didn't make mine as wide since I was short on time.  I still like my scarf though even if it is a little ragedy.
I think I just might attempt making a skirt next.....we'll see!


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