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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas has finally come...

We finally got our Christmas tree the other night!

dsc02859We have received so many great Christmas cards this year and I really wanted to find a great way to display all of them. I just love looking at all the fun pictures of everyone! I decided to make a long banner with them so I got out my sewing machine and just sewed straight down the middle of each card. I attached a little ribbon to the top and then hung them up!


I got a few more cards after I put up these so I think I will make another strand and put it on the other post.


I joined a card swap this year with some other bloggers and so far I've gotten 3 beautiful cards in the mail! So fun! I sent my cards out a little late (sorry!) so the other swappers should be getting mine soon. I had a lot of fun making them....being crafty is such a stress reliever for me! Here's what i sent out:


Now if I can just get motivated to finish making all the gifts we are giving this year!


  1. Want one from us? E-mail me your address and I'll send it!

  2. I love those cards!! You are so handy!
    Hope you're enjoying your vacation so far...I know I am! Day two of not getting out of my pajamas! I plan on rejoining the real world again tomorrow but I had to make the most of it ;)