Vancouver, Canada Day 1

Normer and I got back from Canada last night. We had a very relaxing trip!! We left Saturday morning and had no problem getting on the flight! We even got seats in first. We arrived in Canada around 11am and took a taxi to our hotel. We stayed at the Hyatt right in downtown Vancouver. Normer found a good deal on Priceline and the hotel was really convenient! After a short nap and getting settled we took off to explore the city. We stopped at a Tourism shop and got some good maps and tips for what to do. Then we walked around looking at the cruise ships and the fantastic view. This is the view looking north of the city.

The building on the left will be used by the press in the 2010 Olympics which will be held here.

We walked around in the Gastown area next. This was a very quaint part of the city and there were tons of shops and restaurants.

We headed to Chinatown next but strolled through a pretty scary area of town on our way. There is a very large homeless population in this city and we were getting a little concerned for a few minutes. We did manage to make it to Chinatown but were still a little freaked out so we moved on quickly!!

Normer had read that there were two suspension bridges in the area and we wanted to visit one of those. We weren't really sure where to find them so we went back to the Tourism place and formed a plan. You could reach the two bridges by public transportation but one cost $30 a person (Capilano) and the other was free (Lynn Canyon). So off to Lynn Canyon we went! We took the Seabus (ferry) across the English Bay to North Vancouver. Then we hopped on a bus that was supposed to take us up to Lynn Canyon Park. We weren't totally sure where to get off but thought it would be easy to sight. It wasn't and we missed our stop! No worries though since our bus ticket was valid for 90 minutes! We just hopped on the same bus going in the opposite direction and finally made it.

This is me clinging to the side of the bridge:

We hiked over the suspension bridge and spent about an hour walking around. It was very beautiful and there were lots of water falls and rapids at every turn.

Normer could have hiked all day....but his wifey is no hiker so we headed back to catch the bus again since it was starting to get close to dinner time.

For dinner that night we found a cute restaurant called Water St Cafe down in Gastown. It was a little pricey but worth the great food and atmosphere. Normer had chicken:

And I had beef something...can't remember...

After dinner, we called it a night!! Stay tuned for the Day 2 post!!


  1. Can't wait for Day 2 - I'm living vicariously!!!

  2. THat looks like so much fun! I've been there twice on missions trips and know the sketchy East Hastings area all too well.

    Also, your sewing creations are AMAZING!!!

  3. Umm...I hate you...

    Looks like you guys had a blast! I am seriously jealous about all your jet setting. Any chance you want to squeeze me into your suitcase next time?!

    PS- Hayley opened your bib and onesie today and they are so adorable! Nice work! =)

  4. I love your blog! Reading yours makes me want to create one too but my life is not quite as interesting as yours so it would be pretty boring! :-) You and your husband make a really nice looking couple by the way! Also, I love the apron you made for Angela! Nice work! One many talents!!


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